Until he asks me to stop: Halloween Mom

“The magic will keep you alive exactly two hours after I leave as it dissolves your flesh. Your wish was for a greater insight into yourself, wasn’t it?” – Jin. From “Genie of the Cabernet” by Joan Reginaldo.

I love Halloween because I like to analyze people based on their costume choices. Like, Futurehusband can’t be a bad guy. Ever. He always has to be some kind of hero or something. I can get him to dress as a different gender, no problem, but never a villain.

So I thought our first Halloween in a school environment would yield much insight into the other parents. No such luck. 98% had no costumes. 1% did the easiest thing, which looked like costumes they’ve worn for five years in a row. Then there was me. I count as the last 1% because I don’t actually know how many parents there are.

 photo image_zps3makqgov.jpeg
At dropoff. The other moms went nuts over the costume.
 photo image_zpshhcl8jsu.jpeg
This year’s official Halloween photo. Futurehusband as Hawkeye, me as Loki, and Grimlock as Hulkbuster (sans mask).
 photo image_zpsfsd3epuj.jpeg
My costume cost less than $20 to make with materials purchased from the Dollar Store or leftover from recent Project Cornerstone Volunteer posters.
 photo image_zpsxj54q0cj.jpeg
Bonus photo: Here’s the Cemetery Cheesecake I made for Barbara’s party. Lego Spirit and Lego Zombie Pirate for scale.

This year, Grimlock wanted to be Hulkbuster. There’s only one female Avenger (until recently) in the movies, and I didn’t want to be Black Widow. I wanted to be Loki! But there were no costumes available unless I special-ordered one. Even rarer: female Loki. So I made a Loki costume and wore it to Grimlock’s school because #YOLO and there will come a time he probably won’t want me to wear a costume as I drop him off. There might even come a time he won’t want me to wear a costume that coordinates with his!!! But until then, I like to ask him what he wants to be and build the family costumes around that.

 photo image_zpssdm4qeqh.jpeg

Here we are when he was two (sorry the photos are so tight. I’m usually the one behind the camera and these are selfies):
He was deep into Adventure Time so he was Finn the Human: a pale blue shirt I turned out, blue shorts over skin-tone leggings, and a store-bought Finn hat.
I was Princess Bubblegum: a pink dress I found in my mom’s closet, a pink wig and Lady Rainicorn scarf I bought from a Comic Con in San Jose, and I made the crown out of glittery gold wrapping paper that I glued on cardboard.
Futurehusband was Jake the Dog: a yellow shirt and a Jake hat that came in a DVD box set.

 photo image_zpsr8hjuq1z.jpeg

When Grimlock was three, we I had two costumes due to a costume fiasco with my mom:
Grimlock was a knight: complete costume we bought for about $15 at Costco.
I was a dragon: green $3 wig from a Halloween store, horns that I made by gluing gold paper on toilet paper rolls, then gluing those rolls onto a broad headband; and spikes made out of wire ribbon that I glued onto a belt which I wore down the back of a green sweater. For the dragonscale details on my face: hold mesh on your skin (I used a piece I cut from one of those shower puffs) and, using your finger, tap green eyeshadow on top of the mesh (I like L’oreal Infallible because it has good staying power and it’s easy to work with on top of the mesh.) Remove the mesh and the pattern should be on your skin.

 photo image_zpsn12il82v.jpeg

When I got my costume back from my mom, I was a knight: complete costume bought from Spirit.
Futurehusband was a queen.

 photo image_zpsysx7rgwj.jpeg
When Grimlock was four:
He was Iron Man: complete costume for about $15 from Costco. Those Costco costumes are seriously a good deal. They last several months of play after Halloween.
I was Captain America: blue shirt, black pants and black boots, Captain America logo on my belt (it was a dinky necklace from the Halloween store. I took the chain off and glued the logo to a red belt.), Captain America sunglasses that I wore as a tiara, and a small Captain America shield (child-sized toy from Walmart). Extremely easy to put this together last-minute.
Futurehusband was Thor: a Thor shirt and hammer from the Halloween store.

I think it’s fun to dress up, and I like seeing kids’ eyes light up when they see an adult in costume. The expression is precious, made sweeter for its rarity.


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