For Fans of Self-Rescuing Heroines



For those who follow me on Twitter, you know how keen I am on Self-Rescuing Heroines, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fables and Fairytales, Women helping Women, and Diverse Books.

Here’s my offering to you. Grab the Kindle version now, while it’s FREEEEEEE!!!!

Back blurb:

Raw and fresh stories to get under your skin…

A scorned lover plans a modern revenge worse than death, a little genius’ curiosity causes trouble with one twisted tooth fairy, a grim warning from a woman whose job it is to protect us from what happens while we sleep, and more stories across the spectrum of flash-bang carnival thrills and the mounting dread of inescapable sacrifice.

From the power of metaphorical revelations to the unsettling idea of literally taking off or putting on a skin, these stories in different genres offer diverse interpretations of what it means to be skinned alive. Featuring Part 2 of the Serial: Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

My other works are on sale too! The first anthology, FRESH CUTS: BREAKING, is only $0.99!

And my short story, “Genie of the Cabernet,” is FREEEEEE!



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