REVIEW: DoorDash – Food Delivery Service

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook know by now that I’m pregnant. Also, I regularly suffer from debilitating migraines.

Sometimes, I just “Cannot”. As in, I cannot open my eyes in light brighter than candlelight without hot, throbbing spears of pain impaling my brain. Or, I cannot spend too long in an upright position without vomiting. Or, I cannot put together a meal but my son and I are hungry and it’ll be hours before Futurehusband gets home from work.

DoorDash has been a gift from the tech gods.


 photo Door Dash landing page_zpslw8o3dyn.jpg
This is the app’s landing page for my city.

It’s an app available from iTunes. You open it. You choose a local restaurant. You see their menu. You pick out your food. You pay for the food, a variable1 delivery fee, and a variable2 tip.


 photo DoorDash delivery_zpsmpoo9zsi.jpg
This is a delivery from a Thai restaurant for 2 people. They bring drinks!

Within about an hour (usually much less time), your food is delivered.
The food is hot. In my experience, the food delivered by DoorDash is hotter than food delivered by the restaurant’s own delivery service, if a restaurant even offers delivery. And it’s much faster than if I’d gotten everyone (one toddler and one 6yo) together in the car, driven to the restaurant, found parking downtown in the middle of lunch hour or even made it downtown, given the gridlock during rush hour, put in my order, and brought it home myself.

 photo Delivered Thai food_zpsk0i4z0sz.jpg
This is a pad see ew order. The noodles and meat were hot. The veg were still crisp and fresh.

The app lets you sort by cuisine (Burgers, sushi, Chinese, Italian, etc.), customer rating (“delight”), speed, or price. It also stores your orders so you can reorder the same custom meals repeatedly.

I have used it in Mountain View and Newport Beach. Great service 100% of the time.

The second-best time to use it is when ordering food for many people. It definitely beats the long discussion about where to go, whether or not we need reservations, getting everyone to the same place at the same time, waiting on a table, etc.

Variable delivery fee: A feature of DoorDash is that some restaurants have a lower delivery fee than other restaurants. This seems to be set by popularity. Other times, the delivery fees have been reduced because someone else has ordered from the same restaurant, and you can “piggyback” (my phrase) your order with theirs, so one delivery person can pick up both your orders and deliver them in one trip. I’ve seen this fee as low as $2.99, but usually it’s $5.99.

 photo Round Table_zps6w7hzx3r.jpg
They also deliver for restaurants that already deliver! Usually faster than the restaurant!

When compared to how much pain, trouble, and gas money they’re saving me, it’s a fee that I’m okay paying.

Variable tip: The lowest you can tip is 10% of your order. The highest is 25% of your order. I compare this to tipping the waitstaff, so I mentally lump this in as part of the cost of the food.

 photo Delivered Pizza_zpszhsgi4or.jpg
This is the Round Table Pizza delivery. So glad I could go through DoorDash instead of calling an order in. And for some reason, it came out cheaper.



  1. If you’d like to try DoorDash, I highly recommend using someone’s referral code. Click here for a code, or ask your friends! It will give you a discount on your first order!
  2. Sometimes they have promotions for reduced delivery on certain restaurants that people are currently ordering from. Using it is like piggybacking your delivery on someone else’s, and last time I saw this promo, the fee was only $2.99-$3.99 per restaurant. Great deal!

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