Want to know more about me?

The quickest way to reach me is get on Twitter and @ me. My phone is an extension of my body.

For general announcements, Like my Facebook page.

Grimlock and me at his first Star Wars.

And here’s all that book jacket bio stuff:

I thought I got into UCSB by a fortunate mistake in my favor, but ended up getting a degree in Literature four years later.

After pushing a new human out of my birth canal, I co-founded the Black Hats Writers Group, which has been meeting twice a month since 2010. We specialize in speculative fiction. The new human was fine, by the way.

I have also been an editor since 2010, working with several authors who have gone on to become bestsellers on Amazon.

When I’m not writing, I volunteer for Project Cornerstone, a program that helps kids develop social and emotional coping mechanisms through literature; I do free writing workshops and presentations – some of my students have gone on to win awards in both creative and non-fiction writing; and I review local stores and restaurants for this blog.

 photo IMG_9312 1_zpsb7njqv8r.jpg

Here’s the official About Me blurb in my books:

I was born in the Philippines, grew up with all its creepy superstitions, somehow ended up in Silicon Valley afraid to put pillow cases on my pillows at night.

I blog about being a mom to an introverted kid who wants to be called Grimlock, and taking care of aging parents that are afraid of yogurt, their smartphones, and anyone not Filipino. My partner, Futurehusband, is white.

I write from the point of view of these intersections, a point of view shared by many but portrayed by few.

In terms of reading, I have so many books that they’ve become load-bearing structures in my house. I enjoy all genres and one of my keenest joys is to talk about books, movies, and writing.

Pet peeves:
The “Reply All” feature
People who excuse meanness as “snark”
The genre label “chick lit”
Group Text

Things we can bond over:
Science Books and stories and writing
Crafting, gardening, and baking techniques
Twitter quips
Tech and gadgets

My books! Available on Amazon.

Fresh Cuts 2: Skinning has been called “Disturbing,” “Imaginative and thought-provoking,” and “the part of Wonderland people don’t like to talk about”.

Fresh Cuts: Breaking has been called “Delightfully perverse,” “Sweet suffering,” “Twisted,” and “Hilarious!”

My Writing Must-Haves.

THIS PEN. It’s not that “erasable” pen from the 80’s, with the gritty eraser that all but obliterated the paper under the thing we were trying to erase. These pens have gotten me through several Mind Maps, outlines, drafts, and college biology and anatomy.


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