Hire Me:

My goal is to help you so you don’t need me. Working on a project with me often means getting intimately acquainted with writing itself. Comments I write on a story will have explanations/examples to help you understand what needs to be clearer and why to help you develop a distinctive writing voice and craft compelling works for your target audience.


Developmental Editor since 2010:

Developmental Editor for dozens of books and stories — over 2 million words.
Developmental Editor for Amazon Best Selling Authors in Fantasy>Comedic Fantasy and Fantasy>Dark Fantasy.
Developmental Editor for 5-Star short stories in these genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Dystopian, Crime Fiction, Supernatural, Occult, Biopunk. Available here and here.

Workshop Leader and Tutor since 2010:
Private tutoring on Literature and academic writing. Some students have gone on to win academic writing competitions.
Workshop leader on topics that range from the basics like Dialogue and Dialogue Punctuation to advanced topics like Theme, Foreshadowing, and Points of View.

Published writer of the genres I edit.

B.A. in English Literature from University of California at Santa Barbara

Genres I edit:

Science Fiction
Crime Fiction
Historical Fiction
‘Punk derivatives.
Any combination of two or more of the above genres.
Check with me if you’re unsure what genre(s) your work falls in.

Categories I edit:

New Adult
Young Adult

Genres and Categories I don’t edit:

I don’t do developmental editing for children’s books, Military, Religious, Non-Fiction, Autobiographical, “ChickLit.”

Each project is unique, but here are some common aspects I edit for:

Character Development
Plot Arc
Point of View Breaches
Tense Changes
Themes and Theme Development

Sensitivity reading at no extra charge.


Private consultation: $30/hour.
This is a one-on-one session which can be used for things like plot exploration, project development, or to review a concept of writing like what point of view to use for your story.

Developmental Editing: $0.01/word. This covers 2 drafts, with the fee applying to whichever draft has the higher word count.
I’ll look at your story twice, and it’s up to you which drafts I see. It could be the initial draft (I don’t recommend this; there are usually issues with a rough draft that you can fix on your own) and a revised draft. Or a self-revised draft and post-Line-by-Line draft (This is the better option.).

This depends on the story. The average turnaround time is about 15,000 words per week.


I accept payment through Paypal.
Based on the wordcount that shows on my word processing program (Macbook Pages) wordcount display, payment will be split in half with half due at the acceptance of the project, and the other half due at the end of the project.

Payment Plans available: The payment can also be split into a payment plan, with payment due upon completion of each chapter, each 5,000 word section, or ten weekly payments of 10% of the total cost.

Deal for Locals:
The $30 private consultation fee can also include a sample edit of the first 1,000 words of your story (that’s usually the first five pages).


Vermicomposting (Composting by using worms)
Ballroom Dancing
Reading nonfiction books on local history
Ichthyology and Botany
Drought-tolerant gardening
Volunteer for Project Cornerstone (Literature-based program of inclusion and emotional development education for elementary students)


To protect your email address and mine, the fastest and best way to reach me is a private message through: Twitter (@joanwip) or Facebook.