Project Cornerstone: MY SECRET BULLY

*** My group felt this month’s story was apt for some situations arising among the students in our class. Rather than solely reiterate previous lessons (Positive Self-Talk, Caring Adults, etc.) we felt it was important to also acknowledge, validate, and normalize the relational aggression some of the kids were already experiencing.

In other words, we wanted the kids to feel that what they were going through really was happening, that it was not their fault, that they were not alone, and they could come to us for help.

The class activities we came up with reflected and reinforced these messages, which we summarized in the parent letter.

 photo My Secret Bully Activity Poster 1_zpsv7s99x4h.jpg

 photo My Secret Bully Activity Poster 2_zps10mra2j5.jpg

Each black strip can be removed one at a time, and the kids can be prompted to answer whether the action is a Buddy Behavior or a Bully Behavior (We stress the use of the phrase Bully Behavior rather than the label “Bully”; behavior can change, labels are harder to shed). Their answer can be reflected by removing one of the faces that are velcroed on the right side. (The significance of those faces is, as I read the book to the class, I drew attention to the drawings and the way the characters were depicted. I also had the kids show me the faces they were seeing in the book, and match them with how they felt when they made those faces.)

When we finished going over the list, we went back to the 3 Bully Behavior scenarios (which were ones we’d observed in the class, or had been reported to us) and asked the kids what could change to make the bully behavior into buddy behavior. (Hits/kicks people -> Uses kind hands with people)

The bottom 3 slots are blank but covered with tape so the ABC reader can ask the class for 3 key buddy behaviors a buddy shows to friends. The answers can be written in the slots *with dry erase marker* so the answers can be wiped off at the end and the poster can be used by someone else. (We used the phrase “key buddy behaviors” to tie in the key activity at the end: we passed out the paper keys and asked them to write what they personally thought was a key buddy behavior, and they could consult the activity poster or make up their own.)

 photo My Secret Bully Parent Letter_zps9addorno.jpg

The editable MS Word version should be found here: