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Fresh Cuts: Breaking Volume

***5 Stars***

“fascinating and complex”
“Delightfully perverse”
“Twisted, Hilarious…messed up my sleep schedule”

A collection of short stories in uncommon genres from SciFi-Fantasy hybrid and YA Horror to Literary Horror and Comedic Fantasy. Though fluid in genre, the stories all share one common theme:

Daring characters doing unsettling things to get out of extraordinary situations.

Sixteen-year-old Mary longs for the life her family left behind as they hopscotch into new homes, trying to outrun an old foe. On a farm nearby, Nora awaits the rising sun for other reasons, wondering if it’s the last day she’ll have with her loyal employees. As the sun rises on their edge of the world, it sets on the other, where sixteen-year-old Charlie faces the darkness of superstition and the dark side of globalization in the Philippines. Being a child of both worlds, he sits on the fulcrum and his choice will require a sacrifice.

From a little house of horrors in California, to an alternate universe that provides a gateway to infinite alternate universes where myths and legends live and breathe, the stories span the time and space humans would travel to sate their curiosity. And the stories tell of the trouble and destruction humans attract even as we construct spaceships, portals, and philosophies to escape them.

Fresh Cuts 2: Skinning


“sensibility of the best horror with the pacing of a psychological thriller”
“Imaginative and thought-provoking”
“Sick. Disturbing”
“the part of Wonderland people don’t talk about”

Raw and fresh stories to get under your skin…
A scorned lover plans a modern revenge worse than death, a little genius’ curiosity causes trouble with one twisted tooth fairy, a grim warning from a woman whose job it is to protect us from what happens while we sleep, and more stories across the spectrum of flash-bang carnival thrills and the mounting dread of inescapable sacrifice.
From the power of metaphorical revelations to the unsettling idea of literally taking off or putting on a skin, these stories in different genres offer diverse interpretations of what it means to be skinned alive. Featuring Part 2 of the Serial: Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

Genie of the Cabernet:

Jin’s lover threatens to leave unless Jin can grant a person one pure wish. A wish with none of the usual literal interpretations or nasty repercussions. Seems like an easy task except the person Jin chooses, Smith a disillusioned programmer, refuses to make a wish because of Jin’s infamous reputation.

With love on the line, Jin must do the unexpected to end a thousand years of infamy. But is it too late for Jin and Smith to change?

Set in Silicon Valley, this Urban Fantasy short story touches on the timeless themes of love and infamy while exploring the isolation and illusion of power in the modern age.