So you don’t think NaNoWriMo is challenging enough. Or you like #LivingOntheEdge. Here are some topics that might stretch your writing muscles:

 photo Two creepy dolls_zps7nidtdxu.png
Use Foreshadowing to keep your reader engaged.


 photo Omniscient Point of View Blog_zpsgfz2d6kh.jpg
The death, rebirth, and immortality of Omniscient POV.

Omniscient Point of View and Omni POV Part 2

 photo Pacing- serves the story_zpstw9xbceq.jpg
Check out the intimate relationship between Details and Pacing.


 photo Fern Leaves_zpswkrzdhru.jpg
Silence between words is like space between leaves.

Dialogue (Advanced): Answering Without Answering

 photo Dead doll blonde_zpszgivqysg.png
Are you accidentally weakening your female characters?

One aspect of writing Female Characters

Writing philosophies for further reading:

Where do we go from here? PLOTTING/PANTSING.

Running out of steam, or painting yourself into a corner: WRITING ANXIETY/ WRITERS BLOCK.

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