NaNoWriMo Prep: REVIEW

Here are some concepts to review for NaNoWriMo.

 photo 3rd Limited Multi Past Tense_zpsjhd4dcd5.jpg
This is an example of how most multiple-POV books are written: 3rd person POV Past Tense.

Choosing the best POINT OF VIEW and TENSE combination for your story.

 photo image_zpspejphp4a.png
Using specific and unique details is like showing your reader a photograph of a real place.

Using SPECIFIC AND UNIQUE DETAILS to vivify your world and give credibility to your story.

 photo IMG_0529_zpsnfqbqpv2.png
Not the kind of filter I’m talking about, but a lot of fun.

Checking for FILTERS in your writing.

 photo Show keeps readers emotionally engaged_zpsxusgmxaf.jpg
An explanation for why this is one of the most common maxims in the writing world.

What’s the deal with SHOW, DON’T TELL?

 photo Show vs Tell depends on scenes around it_zpstbfzemtb.jpg
The unique balance between showing and telling forms part of your writing “voice.”

Wait, sometimes I should TELL, DON’T SHOW???

Writing philosophies for further reading:

Where do we go from here? PLOTTING/PANTSING.

Running out of steam, or painting yourself into a corner: WRITING ANXIETY/ WRITERS BLOCK.

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